Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meaning of Water by Marianne Ware

I knew Marianne through my writers club, Redwood Writers, in Santa Rosa and through a mutual friend, Karen Batchelor.

Both Karen and I encouraged Marianne to co-publish a collection of her short stories with us in 2007. Thankfully, she agreed and her fine book, Meaning of Water, was released in March, 2008.

Last summer and fall, we were again able to promote her book and purchase more copies from the distributing publisher, Unlimited Publishing, and deliver these to Marianne in the nursing home.

UP not only kept Marianne's book, Meaning of Water, in distribution, but prepared a hard cover edition as a legacy for her and her family and featured it as Book of the Month. This book, Marianne's only published work of her own short stories, was very important to her and did improve the quality of her life in her last months. She received a final shipment of both hard cover and paperback books last fall and was thrilled to open their pages.

Anyone who would like to own a copy of Meaning of Water: it is available online through the Redwood Writers website:
Or the publisher's website:

All royalties go to Marianne Ware; I'm in touch with the publisher to have the royalties paid to her surviving widower.

Redwood has a limited number of copies that we will sell at our meetings; all proceeds to go to Marianne's family.

Our branch is planning to honor Marianne at our August 8th meeting with readings from her book and some brief testimonies by her friends. Details still in the works.

I am so glad that our club was able to participate in Marianne's work and her lively, creative spirit!

Kate Farrell

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