Sunday, July 4, 2010


Vinz Van Neerven: (Holland) Thanks for the news. I'm shocked! I am with you in the spirit. Such a fine person! She let me use one of her poems for my SSU thesis: "To The Poet Who Uses 'Fat' ...etc." I will not forget her.

Yes, thank for sharing the news, though it's sad. It's important to mark the passing of poets who have been so involved. Thank you so much for doing the memorial this Saturday. It's really important and I know how much time and effort it takes. I would really love to be there--but Barcelona is a long way off. Thanks again. Un abrazo muy fuerte, —Ed Smallfield       

She was a giant among them all on that river. A lot of memories of water, dope, laughter and whatnot in Monte Rio, G-ville etc. Those WERE the day. —jim mccrary

I love recalling the look in her eyes when she first held the hard cover edition in her hands. Now it makes me tear up to think of her stories, their range of harsh and tender, humorous and deep. A multi-faceted woman of much talent, her voice! —Best,  Kate Farrell

Sharon Doubiago—It's been a long time since I saw her but oh, what an impact

Jaynesea McPherson—I feel so disappointed by this news. One more time, I'd like to say...Thank You to Marianne. Once more is not enough, but it fills some of the sleeping hollow left behind.

geri I would like to remember Marianne at the Poetry Walk this year in September.

I remember meeting her, hearing her read a long time ago.  May all our journeys, both here and in the spirit world, be filled with love and peace.  In Spirit, —Jack crimmins

Jack Foley—Another good person gone. Too many of them! Thanks, Maureen.

Al Winans—I didn't know her personally, but I do know who she was. Sorry to hear about her passing. So many good people gone.

Also, I'm sorry to hear that Marianne Ware has passed away.  I didn't really know her personally, but of course I crossed paths with her work innumerable times when I was plugged into the Sonoma County poetry network.  I really like the memorial page that you've put together and wish that we had been close enough that I had something substantial to contribute."  —Trane DeVore

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